Wedding Bouquets

Marsala Color

Marsala bouquetMarsala color can be described as saturated wine-red color with a tint of hazel. It was named after a sort of red dessert wine from Sicily, which is famous for its rich mulberry color palette. Complexity of a color composition provides impression of elegant, refined style. Our professional florists use a variety of flowers to create our unique wedding bouquets: roses, tulips, dahilas and arum lilies. There are two fundamental principles in Marsala trend application:



Decorated stemsDecorated Stems

Traditionally, common attention is attracted by an actual flowery arrangement. Florists have surprised modern brides by a new approach to a wedding bouquet design this year. As a rule, these parts were covered by satin ribbons, lace, wide and narrow bands, etc. Today brides are offered a much wider selection: pearls, beads, crystals and decorative pins. The most favorite bridal details are vintage massive brooches, which van be metal, enamel, porcelain or textile. It is important not to overload a composition in order to keep it comfortable to hold and carry.




Natural wedding bouquet"Negligent" Bouquets

The trend supports an idea of freedom and naturalness. Such “negligent” bouquets look like they have been created hurriedly. They create an impression of fresh wild flowers, originally combined together. However, these simple compositions can only be developed by an experienced florist. As a rule, lush, sprawling and fluffy flowers are used for these bouquets, such as delphinium, gladiolus, succulents and peonies.  

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