Floral Wedding Decoration

Floral decorationFloral wedding decoration is known as an elegant and refined design tool. Flowers and greenery are used in an actual banquet room, in newly-weds outfits and transportation. The Majestic Wedding designers use traditional and exotic flowers of different seasons, prices and colors. A couple is always welcome to suggest a color palette and floral type. It is advisable to involve floral décor in a few composition elements, as: ceremonial and banquet halls, wedding cortege, facade, railing, staircase, arches, tables and chairs.

Professional floral design allows to use various plant species, creating an accomplished original projects. Besides, floral arrangements are developed according to their symbolic meanings, durability, fragrance, brightness, saturation and structures. Innovative methods in development of floral arrangements allow to keep flowers fresh during a whole wedding day. Our professional team makes a few design sketches for a customer approval, then arranges and installs flowerage at a wedding day.


Wedding tableAt present, the most trendy floral elements in wedding decoration are:

  • Bridal bouquet double, made especially for bridesmaids, so a bride can keep her own bouquet. As a rule, a bouquet copy is made from less expensive flowers with a use of textile, ribbons and other additional accessories.
  • Floral bracelets for bridesmaids, matching a wedding bouquet and common floral decoration. They can be used as a uniting aspect instead of traditional bridesmaids dresses, made in similar style and color.
  • Floral crown instead of a veil or as its supplementation. Such alternative is perfect for young creative brides, crowns can also be performed in smaller version for maids.