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Why playing Padel is healthy

Dubai padel academyWe are fully aware that all sports are healthy for us and Padel is no different. Padel is beneficial for human health in a number of ways. It not only improves our overall fitness but also helps us in burning excessive calories. This sport also enhances the coordination of movements, makes us more agile, and improves our reflexes.


Health benefits

Padel is an aerobic sport and it has a positive effect on our cardiovascular system. In addition to this, it helps in the prevention of cardiac arrests and heart diseases.

Padel, when compared to other sports, is quite safe and there are fewer chances of getting injured while playing it. It exercises the entire body and the movements involved in the padel aren’t dangerous. However, sports experts and physio experts suggest proper warm-ups before the real game.

This makes sure that our muscles are ready for the effort that will be thrust while playing it. Also, experts are of the view that stretching is quite helpful after the game is played. Although, it’s quite similar to tennis, but Padel court is a bit small and this demands more agile and fast reflexes to hit the ball.

PadelPadelThis exciting sport requires short leg movements, stretching in all directions, perfect coordination, and skillful usage of both hands to hit the ball. The anticipation to play the next hop also makes the mind think faster and requires a wholly awakened mind. Another reason that is helping Padel to spread fast all over the world is that it can be played by players of any age and it isn’t restricted to one age group. For people above 40 and in their 50s can also play it without excessive exhaustion. It helps them to remain fit. Small school-going children and teens also love it as they know they won’t experience physical grinding.


The most important thing about this fast and strategy-based sport is that it is quite fun when played. You don’t have to be a pro to play it. This motivating and physically beneficial game helps in relieving stress, makes us feel better and refreshes our mind.
It enables people to forget all worries and tensions of daily life and work because the player is too much involved in it and is always thinking about the next move. With all these benefits, you can join a Dubai Padel academy like Padel Pro near you.