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What you need to know before hiring a videographer in Dubai

The profession of a videographer may not be as old as photography, but the trend of the latter is gradually improving at a strong pace. 95% of couples in Dubai looking to walk down the aisle usually hire a videographer for their wedding videos. A video will no doubt live a lasting memory than a picture, so you can understand their reasons. Some couples even hire both a photographer and a videographer for their weddings. And there are other videographers who can also work as photographers too. If you are looking to hire a videographer in Dubai for your wedding or other occasions, here are some things you should know.

Reasons to hire a videographer

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Just like photograph, video leave a lasting memory for one of the most important events in your life. If you fail to capture all these in a video, you will not be able to do so ever again. Also, a videographer is a professional who take their time to do serious editing on their work. This usually leads to high quality videos you and your spouse will love to watch over and over again.

With the videos of your wedding, it will be easier to recreate that feeling you had on your wedding day by watching the videos. A professional videographer will help you keep everything organized as they capture every important segment of the occasion. This means you don’t have to worry about missing anything in your wedding. While you are busy with other things, a videographer takes charge of the recording aspect of your wedding.

Cost of hiring a videographer

Videographers charge for different services they render. The following are some terms used in describing the cost of their services.

Teaser film

A teaser firm is usually a short intro for the wedding. This is usually included in the overall cost of the video. The trailer is created from the entire package to serve as an introduction to the main movie. Some videographers include this in their package while others take it as an extra.

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Short Film

A short film is usually an edited version of the entire movie of your wedding. It includes all the important aspects of the wedding, including the oath taking, exchange of vows, and reception. Here, you can discuss with the videographer what you want them to include and what you want excluded. This is a great way to save cost and still get all the highlights of the wedding. Most videographers usually limit the short film of your wedding to between 10 to 20 minutes.

Comprehensive package/full length documentary

If you have enough money to request for this package, it includes all details of the wedding. The length of the wedding movie depends on the activities in the wedding, but in most cases, it usually lasts for about 90 minutes. Obviously, this is the most expensive package as it also comes with some extras.


If you are looking to make your wedding very colorful and one to remember, having a videographer present in your wedding is a good way to go. Although you have to create a budget for their charges, it’s certainly worth every penny you will spend.