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Wedding Nail Design. What to Choose for Yourself?

A fashionable and stylish bride cannot overlook such an important detail of an image, as a wedding manicure and wedding nail design. Today, wedding salons offer a huge selection of options for wedding nail design, different patterns and decorations. What to choose for yourself?

Now there are no certain trends of wedding manicure. The most important thing to the style of manicure blends with the image of the bride, and the colour of a nail polish comes to her skin colour.

Majestic Weddings - Nail Lacquer in UAE

Let's start with the form of a nail. The most popular today is a stylish spatula. Brides, sticking to a classic look, often choose an oval form. For bright individuals we can offer nails of an almond form. If you want to capture your beautiful wedding, Pixels Production Studio offers you to invite a wedding photographer in Dubai.

Now let's stop on different types of manicure.

French Manicure

French manicure is most traditional. With its the fingers of the bride look fragile and tidy. French manicure involves natural shades, although in order to give the image chic, the tips of the nails can be colored with dazzling white lacquer. One of kinds of French manicure is Fun-French. It outputs beyond the pale pastel tones and offers more bright shades of nail polish for tips of nails. This option can be offered to unusual wedding dress.

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Advices of Stylists

  1. Ramp the nails up in advance to get used to them. If the length seems to you uncomfortable, you will have time to change it.
  2. Correction of the manicure assign on the day before the wedding. In advance, talk to the master, discuss what you like and what not. Before the  wedding you will have time for yourself: come to the salon, relax, make a manicure and at the same time do some relaxing treatments.
  3. Rehearse your wedding manicure. Do you make the manicure from time to time? Start as early as possible. A few months before the wedding date experiment with the length of the nail, the lacquer colour and design. Which design does come to you more? Such an experience will greatly facilitate your choice of the manicure before the wedding.
  4. The nail lacquer should harmonize with the skin colour. For the wedding manicure delicate colours are usually used: white, light pink, cream, pale blue. These shades are good for fair skin. For girls with darker, peach skin, pale orange, copper colour are better. Girls with dark skin should be advised bright, unusual shades. White French makeup will look on tanned skin stylish and attractive.

Source: www.pixelsproductionstudio.ae