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Tips to Record A Perfect Piece of Audio

Video production is a complicated task. When you start learning the features your camera has to offer, you’ll be amazed and tensed at the same time. And the more daunting task is the recording the powerful audio for your video. By adding better and appropriate audio you can make your video worth watching. If you are shooting your videos in UAE and looking to buy Audio Equipment In Dubai, United Broadcast is the place you should visit. Here are few tips to help you out in your audio production journey.

A New Perspective of Camcorder

The simplest and first step you have to take to improve the quality audio recording is to spend some money to buy external microphone. You have to think outside the camcorder and stop relying on the built in microphone. Accept the fact that internal microphone in most of the camcorders are equipped with only simple options and are not good enough for production of quality sound. Now when you decide to buy an external microphone, the second step is to choose the model and type. UBMS is the leading distributor of Broadcast & professional audio equipment in the Middle East & Africa based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Several options for quality microphones are available which starts from the simple lapel mike to the field production skypannel.

The Selection of Right Tool

A hammer cannot be used for an screw neither a saw can pound a nail. The same rule applies on your sound equipment. The one microphone suited for the particular task cannot perform the other that well. A lapel mic can give you a better result for recording an interview with clean audio but if you are shooting outdoor the lapel microphone will give a sound interepted by wind noise and background distractions. So make sure you are using the right tool to bring home the sound you were intending to record.

The Knowledge of Equipments

You have just ordered the handheld Gimbal and excited to try this. But for the shoot you are about to do in 30 min is not a good option to try your new audio love. If you are not certain about all the features it is offering and interference it can cause, a simple test will bring a lot of problems. Spend a little more time with your audio toy and get comforted with all the options before starting a real shoot.  

Listen Up

To record the best sound possible a good pair of quality headphones allows you to hear the expected results. You can also know the weak spots and right placement before recording the final audio. Avoid all the possible chances of potential errors before hitting the record button. If you have a dead battery or a cable nor properly attached around your surroundings, there is a valid chance that your microphone will buzz with a little hum. Trust your headphones to identify the problems before it’s late to edit it.

You can modify a good piece of audio in the best by just following the above mentioned steps. Be the audio engineer not just an amateur.