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Tie the knot: Hairstyles for Wedding day

Getting married is one of the most exhilarating times in bride’s life. Almost every bride envision their big day from the very beginning, their perfect dress, shoes, hair, and makeup.

Dozens of gorgeous hairstyles can be seen in magazines and several updos have been the top picks among the brides of all ages worldwide. However, selecting the right one may be crucial since hairdos give a complete delicate bridal look.

Before you bring a picture to your mind and proclaim it to be your hairstyle for your wedding day, there are a few things to consider.

Your dress must be the deciding factor and should compliment everything else around it.

If you have heavy curls then don’t try to convince yourself that a sleek, stick-straight hairstyle is the one for you. Or if you have very fine silky hair or short hair, there may be certain limitations so don’t try and bully your hairstylist into creating a hairstyle that is impossible. Be realistic!

Do not experiment your hair by getting an unusual haircut or dying with unreliable products. Once spoiled, it takes time to fix.

In case of sensitive skin or any other beauty quirks, be sure to mention them to your hairstylist or makeup artist beforehand. You’ll definitely want to work with someone who is an expert on skin type.

The location of your wedding may help decide what kinds of hairstyles would be suitable. For example, classical and elegant updos would pair well with an indoor wedding, while half up or loose curls pair well with outdoor weddings.

Weather is also one of the most important factors when selecting a bridal hairstyle. Nothing would be worse than having your hair sticking to the back of your neck in hot summer or having an updo in an air conditioned hotel in chilly weather.

Trends for this year

Get inspired by having looked through the hottest trends. You will find it easy to make up your mind about the hairstyle best suited for your wedding. Some best hairdos that made the list are:

Gorgeous Waves – It is important that your hairstyle compliments your dress. Strapless dresses pair best with loose curly updos and long earrings. To add glamor, smoky eye makeup will give you the complete look.

Braided Bun - Replacing the common low buns with braids offer fascinating hairstyle. This hairstyle is great for medium to long hair and can bring out slender face shape and facial features.

Side Curly Updo - This hairstyle is for long thick hair. If you have side bangs then curl them to give a more elegant look and style your bun with accessories.

Half Updo Hairstyle – Best suited for long hair. They are often curled and pined on the back with a hair clipper.

Waterfall Braid – Doesn't matter if you have long or short hair, waterfall braid is always an eye-catching hairstyle.

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