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The First Step Of Happiness For A Bride

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To throw a wedding shower in Dubai for a friend or a family member is an enjoyable and a pleasant manner of celebrating their forthcoming wedding. It is not only an enjoyable event but it is also overpowering for the bride-to-be. Luckily, doing a little effort and a jot of creativeness can produce such a party that will be worth-remembering and you certainly don’t have to spend a single penny and without an event planner.

You can set any theme, décor and favors for the party. Mostly romance and lingerie or kitchen and tea party themes are common and popular. Or you could choose the theme according to the bride’s wish. If the bride is an outdoor lover, arrange for a beach party or a garden party. The friends of the bride-to-be normally play games, make some luscious food and above all, the bride gets the best time to spend with her family and close friends.

Make your own invitations
The invitation will be designed according to the theme you have chosen. As the theme suggests, the invitation may have beach balls, flowers or teapots on I. make it certain to make and send the invitations at the least three weeks before the bridal shower is occasioned.

Imprint individualized name labels
Some people may consider that the usage of name labels for a celebration like bridal shower can be a very conventional type of a thing. But the fact is, it depends on the manner that how it is done. An individualized name tag can be very pleasant, surprising and unique things for all the participants. It helps in starting the conversation and breaking the ice specifically if it is performed with genius. For example, don’t try to make a name tag showing the name only; try to do it more creatively like every person who makes the badge writes a comment for the bride

Table decoration
As far as the table décor is concerned, make eatable decoration pieces to save extra money. Put your desserts in place of these decoration pieces so that you don’t have to set another table for desserts.  Arrange small flower vases and put ribbons on them to give a beautiful look. If you are using a picnic theme, try to create a tent like atmosphere and use flower baskets to decorate the table.

Saying thank you is must
a thankyou from the bride-to-be to the organizers is always valued whether you have planned a large proper function or a small party. So make sure it happens. Produce such thank you cards that are according to the party theme. It will create a sense of thoughtfulness among the guests and the bride, too.
When you are all done with your decorations, look at your work and admire it. You are all ready to celebrate the bridal shower.
If you want event planners in Dubai to help you organize the bridal shower; try ELEGANT MOMENTS, Professional Dubai wedding planners. They will endeavor to understand your individual requirements and goals and then they will work with them to make them happen.