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Natural Textile in Wedding Interior Design

Textile surfaces introduce comfort and warmth into wedding room interior. Therefore, it is simply impossible to overestimate an importance of textiles in a room design. Luxury Imperial Design, well known for their wedding interior designs for bedrooms, acknowledge the importance of such interior details. Textile can become an original design element as a part of a decorative composition or as a single component. Nowadays the textile market offers a great variety of natural fabrics. Let’s discuss their quality and value differences.

Natural fabrics are environmentally friendly, antistatic, washable and are perfect for drapery. In addition, they have great porosity and thermostatic characteristics. However, they are easy to crumple and difficult to dry. Natural textile is not stretchable, it fades and shrinks frequently and loses color in sunlight. Moreover, stitching defects are noticeable on it.

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Natural Textile Variety.

Cotton is easy to iron and; it is also a water absorbing material of high quality. Cotton is better than flax in use and looks great in any living room.

The most expensive and prestigious textile is flax and jacquard. However, this textile is exposed to crumpling badly. Furthermore, flax is difficult to even out.

Wool is warm, antistatic, cozy and pleasant to touch. It also has a positive influence on health. For example, a wool blanket helps to regulate vascular and musculoskeletal systems. At the same time, as most natural fabrics, this textile can cause allergies.

The longest natural thread in the world is silk. It is produced by silkworms. Due to it’s origin, silk is a very durable fabric. But after the first washing this textile can lose its aesthetic value completely.

Decorative pillows made of different natural fabrics can beсome a great addition to interior design.