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Matches are made in Heaven and memories on Earth

The wedding day is the most auspicious event of a person’s life and who doesn’t want to document it. Wedding photography is not the talk of today, it is as old as the invention of the camera. These photographs serve as a memory; a memory that you can relive when you want. Just open your album and you are back reliving the memory of the most important day of your whole life.

In the early days, due to heavy cameras and equipment, it was difficult to work in outdoors and studios were preferred to lessen the burden of carrying the instruments around. In the early 20th century, Color photography become inexpensive but the couples still wanted their marriage portrait in black and white. The concept of capturing of the whole wedding event came in after the second world war.

In the modern era, the concept of candid wedding pictures is common. Brides and grooms want their wedding pictures to look more natural and less staged. Choosing a wedding photographer is written in the to-do-list because what good is the marriage if it’s not documented. All the preparation has gone to waste if you don’t have a picture to prove it.

Wedding photography in Dubai has Its own benefits. The equipment is advanced. The photographers are well experienced. They are creative and original at their work.



What are the traits Dubai wedding photographer has:

Dubai wedding photographers at Pixel production Studio have these traits without an ego. The will make your special moment memorable. Your event will be imprinted on the minds of your guests for years. We will make sure that your album will bring the good memories. Your album will be your legacy. Not only you or your relatives will see it but your children and grandchildren are going to remember you’re loved for them.

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