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How to Pick the Right Luxury Yacht?

You might have decided that you are going to charter a yacht for your next holiday, cruise, work party or family weekend. And that is a great decision. But a lot of times, the customers of luxury yacht charter Dubai are entirely new to the process and don’t even know their options. To keep you from making a rushed decision when the time comes, we have put together a list of things you need to consider before you choose a luxury yacht in Dubai for the charter that matches your requirements. First, you need to know all of your options in descending order of capacity, the extent of luxury and cost: Super Yachts, Event Yachts, Motor Yachts, Catamarans, and Sail Yachts. Now all the things you should consider guiding your pick.

Identify Your Budget

The primary determining factor in picking a luxury yacht to charter in Dubai is, as should be with every single thing that has a price, is how much you can afford to spend comfortably. You want to be sure that you can cover the projected costs and have extra for unforeseen circumstances too.

Understand the Group Size

Understand the Group Size

Different luxury charter options can comfortably cater to different, specific numbers of people. If you are thinking about doing a small getaway or get-together cruise with your friends or family or even alone, you might just consider a smaller, cheaper charter option than if you are planning a vacation trip.


The different charter options serve different purposes and it is important that your account for why you are chartering a yacht. Holiday trips with 5 Star services are better had on Super Yachts, Event Yachts host medium to large parties, for personal or small group cruises, you might want to go with a smaller scale yacht.

Luxury Requirements

The larger scale and more expensive the charter, more often than not, the more amenities that will be made available onboard. This often goes with cost budgeting but it also reflects how much of an impression a host is ready to make.

Luxury Requirements


Because of the cost of owning and the varying maintenance requirements, each yacht type might have, the charter service providers might not be able to provide all of their yachts at all points in time. It is important that you know what is available when you need it and also how long you can have it.

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