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Dubai, a heaven for food lovers

Dubai is a place for food lovers as there is a cultural diversity that leads to the variety in food Dubai has to offer. There are many food chains and restaurants open in Dubai that the rules food regulations authorities have laid out are strict. Just to meet the standards Dubai has made worldwide. There are many developments in the law in the past few years and we will help you remain up to date with these changes.

The five of food hygiene according to WHO are:

All the food regulations authorities when creating rules keep these 5 principles in their mind. So it’s necessary to follow the guidelines. To follow these rules are important for your customers.

If you are opening a new restaurant or expanding your business keep these in mind. Food regulation in Dubai is important as to keep the standards high. Dubai has a variety of food so it is important to apply a set of rules to avoid health problems in society. We will work with you as a team and will think of your company as pure own and work with full determination for the betterment of it.


To not encounter any mistakes, we will update you about new rules and guidelines. We will prepare a monthly report just so we can know any updates or new rules that we can help you about. If we hear about any upcoming update that can affect your products. We will keep you informed and ahead of the curve so that you’ll never go down.

We will negotiate with the authorities for updates in the regulations, delaying or revising the regulations.

All food and beverages company must abide by the rules of regulatory affairs but not everyone is an expert at that, they always need some helping that respect to keep them updated about new rules and regulations and that’s where we come in. At Raqam consultancy we know that you don’t have a thought to do it all so let us do it for you and let us keep you updated.

We are happy to say that our clients are happy and satisfied with our services and trust us when it comes to their businesses. Our success lies in making our clients happy. We are dedicated and we make our clients our priority. We treat your company as our own and strive for excellence of it. Our integrity is based on the clients’ trust. We believe that our employees are all important to our team.