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Best Ideas for Wedding Videos


It would seem that the wedding day can never be forgotten. But the years pass and many of the details of the celebration are erased from memory. And even if you have taken care of the video, it is likely that you'll watch it for just a couple of times. That is why you need to think ahead of ideas for a wedding video that you were pleased to review it throughout the whole life together, to show to friends and acquaintances. We have consulted with a professional videographer and he revealed us a few secrets of the perfect wedding film. At Meraki Production you can order corporate video production in Dubai at affordable prices!

Ideas for a Wedding Video

  1. Full-length wedding video. This is a classic film, which must contain all the highlights of the celebration. Such moments include: the morning of bride and groom, marriage registration, the walk, the first dance of the newlyweds, etc. the Length of this video is about 30-40 minutes.
  2. Wedding clip. This is a short video (2 to 5 minutes) with musical accompaniment that shows the most vivid and memorable moments of the wedding.
  3. Interview. This is the love story of the bride and groom, which is accompanied by shots from the wedding. Interviews can be as an independent wedding video and to enter into other types of movies. For example, at the beginning of the full-length video of the bride and groom can talk about how you began the relationship. Interviews can also include the stories of the guests about the love of the newlyweds.
  4. Music wedding video. This is a video taken under a specific musical composition (usually thought out future newlyweds in advance). It includes both footage from the wedding (e.g., the exchange of rings, first kiss in the status of husband and wife, first dance, etc.) and specially captured the dance of the bride, groom and guests.
  5. The wedding morning. This is a short film, with the beautiful music, showing all the main stages of preparation of the bride for the wedding. As a rule, the main part of the film is given to the dressing of the bride. The film is about a wedding morning can include such a plot: a video about the groom and bride on fees, and the final meeting of the future newlyweds.
  6. Trailer. This is a short video representing a full-length wedding film. It creates the same plot as the movie trailers, except instead of actors ' names are the names of the newlyweds.

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