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Because the love, at first sight, starts with the face usually

The Nail Spa

Several dirhams are spent on cleansers, creams, masks, scrubs and powders just to keep our skin revived, hydrated, peeled, or get one tone fairer or darker in skin color. Who might not have any desire to have the perfect skin through a facial in Dubai?

Changing seasons, sandy winds, and expanded periods spent in the air conditioned environment can wreak the skin of your face and make it extraordinarily difficult to deal with. The Nail Spa is the right choice for a wide range of women to revive their skin and give it a supple vibe.

Here are a couple of helpful insights proposed in case you are living or planning to live in Dubai.

When you understand that it's an incredible chance to welcome the summer, you go for a swim or a sunbathe in spite of the way that the climate gets more smoking hot in the UAE, then you go into an air conditioned room, well, every one of these movements can suck all the moisture from your skin and torn it apart on cellular level, make it exhausted, or increase the secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands that you start feeling like an oil factory. So it is indispensable to deal with your skin and a good facial with a little more attention to the skin is recommended by dermatologists and skin pros.

Sprinkle and wash

Take lukewarm water and mild facial cleanser that is most suitable for your skin type, between your palms and back rub over your face and throat. Try little circular motion. Through this way, you can increase the blood circulation and the sebum will decrease which will create a mate look after wash.


Fill a big bowl or sink with high temp water and take steam, this will open up all the clogged pores and after a while starts rubbing a gentle scrub in an upward direction.

Skincare Tips from The Nail Spa

Shed the dead skin

Remove dead skin cells with a tender scrub. There are many homemade cures that you can make easily one of them is dry orange peel scrub.


Use a toner, since it not simply gets your skin really perfect and removes any extra cleanser deposit and dead skin cells, yet it in like manner restores the general pH level and your skin will exhibit the shine.

The Mask

A hydrating gel or cream mask for dry skin, a clay mask for oily skin, a cereal or avocado mask for conventional skin types will work wonders for your skin. Cover your face and neck with a thin and even coat and leave the mask for 15 - 20 minutes before splashing water.

Drink and Stay Hydrated

Remember to stay hydrated by drinking around two liters a day of water and apply lotion both day and night as required by your skin type.

Eye Cream

A cooling eye cream (slices of cucumber would do wonders) will light up the under-eye region.

All things considered, we can't do much about the climate; however, we can definitely deal with our skin, right? Skin care is a necessary step among the most indispensable steps towards an incredible appearance.