Textile Decoration

Textile decorationTextile and drapery are functional and impressive tools in wedding decoration. Abundance of textures, colors, patterns and structures provides various opportunities for wedding designers. Textile performs a number of functions: expansion of a room space, zonation, creation of desired accents, correction of wedding hall defects.

There is a number of ways to apply textile at wedding decoration: long gathered table clothes, neatly folded napkins, chair covers, supplemented by bows. The Majestic Wedding designers are not limited by furniture elements finery: windows, walls, ceiling, railing, columns and doorways are also richly decorated.




The most popular and favorite elements, offered by wedding planners are:

  • Textile room decorationTents for outdoor and indoor celebration. Tent has become a central component of a wedding decoration, it symbolizes a groom's house, a place of a new family creation. Traditionally, light textiles and pale colors are used for tents, as in some cultures wedding pavilions represent clear sky and prosperity.
  • Sweet and gift tables drapery. Small tables for drinks, wedding cake, cheeses and snacks are not only functional, but also elegant decoration elements. They may support a common color palette or become accentual contrasting pieces. It is essential to combine a wedding cake style and a table for it.
  • Curtain screens as background in a banquet room or a photo shoot area. Today wedding screens are offered in numerous shapes and sizes: heart shape, arch form, flat or abundant, soft or solid. Even modest variations without additional accessories, as flowers, ribbons and beads, bring coziness and warmth into a wedding hall.